MUSIC THERAPY (in training)

With an outstanding background of improvisation  Alfredo Genovesi brings both his passion for music and his music expertise, into the field of therapy in order to help you believe and achieve.


Alfredo Genovesi is the co-founder of Mira. He obtained his BA (hons) degree in music at Dartington College of Arts, England. Since then he has worked internationally and he is a MA - Music Therapist in training at Codarts in Rotterdam.


In the therapeutic setting he provides sound & music in order to facilitate the psychodynamic process along. Utilizing guitar and electronics provides music according to the needs of the situation, whether it be for promoting a congenial environment & reducing anxiety, providing narrative, to stimulate tension or just to allow the  emotions & imagination to freely associate. 


He has  worked with improvisation for more than 25 years and since 2007 he has been working with dancers. For him his role & efficacy within the psychodynamic environment is experimental and still very much in the research phase.



"It has been the most insightfull experience ever."


-  Laura  B. UK

"I have learnt to be able to open up to change and let the music lead my life and not my husband."


- Erika T. Italy

"'Improvisation with Alfredo helped me to visualise my future and be able to achive what I want without the fear of my past limiting myself, he has been present, supportive, and  a great agent of change'


- Steve M. US