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What to expect?

A shared creative process with confidentiality,  empathy, ethical spaces, support, integrity and change.

Relaxation, stress relief, creative development.


  • children 

  • adolescents 

  • adults

In these sessions we will explore what are your aims, needs and inspirations. Although not a multi-specialist professing to all the guitar styles, we are experienced to know that for each individual there are many ways to approach and learn many things - whether it be in guitar styles (inc. electric, classical, acoustic), use of the voice, reading notes, technique, theory, harmony, scales, improvisation, listening, perception, relaxation, posture and practice. Teachings can be associated to Mindfulness exercise and Psychosomatic Therapy if needed or maintained as a music teaching with a sensitive touch to the personal development in performance and unique musical needs. 



  • Music lesson for adults and children 

  • Improvisation skills

  • Workshops

  • Clinical Therapy and Music

  • Mindfullness and Music lessons 

  • Creative in depth Visualization with Improvised music

Valeria Pierdominici, Psychosomatic  Therapist,  works with Alfredo Genovesi, musician, supporting clients in dealing with traumas, learning disabilities, burn out, identity issues, chronic pain, autism and artistic development with the aim to  therapeutically open to change.  The music gives to the therapeutical process an important additional setting to help opening up to change.



  • Music Improvisation for dance classes

  • Creative Visualization with Improvised music

  • Mindfullness and Music

  • Listening and Relaxation

  • Listening and dance Improvisation