Valeria Pierdominici  is the founder of Mira.

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, visual art critic, artist and creative director of The Music of The Universe in Amsterdam, Valeria started on March 2014 a research together with Alfredo Genovesi, musician, integrating music with therapy.


The research combines the psychotherapeutic fields with the music improvisation in exploring the potentials of music and movement during the journey of psychotherapy.


She is continuously improving her knowledge in the relationship between art and psychology:  psychosomatic therapy music and movement therapy, vocal improvisation and psychodrama are some of the studies she is inspired from, together with brain music studies, music and emotions, receptive music listening, performance and psychology.

 In 2017 Valeria specialised in "PAT Psycho-Acoustic Transitional"© session - a method to treat patients with tinnitus - with Dr. Gubert Finsterle, EAP Psychotherapist, Philosopher and researcher in psychoacoustic.

Key words are: art, body, brain, space, unconscious, past, present, presence, time, relationships, human rights, activism, feminism, balance, performance, essence, individuation. 

Valeria is a therapist of travellers, highly educated people, academic or skilled individuals coming from all over the world. Artists, directors, employees, students, multicultural families and children. What they have in common is their courage to grow and surrender to change.

You might be one of them.

Valeria has several years of experience working in Amsterdam since 2007 at the Expat Medical Centre with one to one therapy, based on Psychosomatic Psychotherapy and Jungian Psychoanalisys. 


In therapy she supports artists from different disciplines providing inspiration in their personal development, and/or artistic crisis, understanding the delicate psychological dynamics of their work. Valeria collaborates as a Psychotherapist with art schools and Universities in Amsterdam supporting students during the master program and the end of year project when personal issues block their artistic develoment. 


Originally from Milan, Italy, she has been living as an expat herself for several years , living in Turin, Barcelona,  Porto Venere (in a Boat), Vienna, London, Berlin and since 2004 in Amsterdam.


Graduated in Clinical Psychology at the University of Turin in 1998.In Milan in 2007, specialized in Psychosomatic Psychotherapy following the teachings of the well known Italian Psychiatrist Raffaele Morelli.


She practiced at the St Anna Hospital in Como- Italy with Dr. Vito Tummino as clinical psychologist.


Valeria practices Movemevent Medicine Dance and 5 Rythms dance since 2012, and had been a painter since 2001, using the arts in therapy as well. Her supervisor since 2004 works and lives in the Netherlands.



"'Therapy with Valeria is a deep journey. With words, body work, relaxation excercises, mixed with traditional therapy and music  I have found more stability in life and my psychosomatic pain has reduced. just by listening. I will use this theta brain relaxation program again"

- Laura - Spain

"' I had to develop a new art project and I was blocked in my process. The Individuation workshop has been very powerfull in preparing my brain for the next step. Psychotherapy with music works to support change!

Thank you Valeria and Alfredo."

- Johanna M. US

""Psychoanalysis combined with music and visualisation supported my life change. I have no explanation, but I have just felt every day better and better.


- Francesca Italy