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Indi-v-duate: embody the truth of words

Valeria Pierdominici, Alfredo Genovesi, Amsterdam, Improvisation, Therapy, Expat Therapy, English, Jung

Alfredo Genovesi

Valeria Pierdominici

One-to-one Workshop based on the profound psychological insights of C.G. Jung.

The research has been ongoing since March 2014 in private practice and now to be made public.

Psychotherapeutical support of Valeria Pierdominici - live music of Alfredo Genovesi.

Central to both musician and therapist must be the capacity for engaged, attuned listening; to the form, content and feeling of the material, be it a piece of music or a client's narrative. 


Method we use inspired by the studies of C.G.Jung:


We start from a piece of text with words written by you - words that hold an importance, that were born from an image, a memory, a poem stimulated by the practice or by ones own life.The psychoanalitic fields in alignment with the music improvisation create the potential to explore music and movement during the creative journey: from the written words we explore your moving body, the space, the music and eyes/ears/brain relationship, the contact, the wild, the images, the narrative, the voice.

<<Music expresses, in some way, the movement of the feelings ... that cling to the unconscious processes... music represents the movement, development, and transformation of the motifs of the collective unconscious >> (Jung, 1973, p. 542 in Skar, 2002, p.632).

Price: 150 Euros

Individuation, as a means of self-actualization, is the process of integrating the conscious with the unconscious. 

Expressing ones creativity, quest for spiritual enlightenment, pursuit of knowledge and the desire to contribute to society are examples of self-actualization. The Individuation process cultivates the true personality of a person, creating a truer Individual. Individuation generally has a profound healing effect on the person. (Jung, 1962, p.433), encouraging one to become harmonious, calm, mature and responsible.

The process can be accomplished through life with words, movement, contact, listening, exploring, in silence, alone, together. 

This can be experienced in a private setting as well.

The interest is specifically in music engineered to stimulate specific brainwaves (i.e. theta) which in turn induce a specific range of moods with in the listener, supporting the development of the words into your body.

There is a space for the composition and the rehearsal of skills and sounds for improvised performances in an artistic deep context, with the intention to know yourself more, making decisions, find answers by exploring the very borders of your confront zone within the confines of a safe space.


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