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Authentic voice workshop

for artists

Some events can be explained, others can only be moved. Other life experiences have a voice, the voice of the unconscious.

Sound and Vocal Psychosomatic Psychotherapy with Valeria is an unique experience where to listen to your own Self and artistically be inspired by your 'core material'.

"Through spontaneity we are re-formed into ourselves. It creates an explosion that for the moment frees us from handed-down frames of reference, memory choked with old facts and information and undi- gested theories and techniques of other people’s findings. Spontaneity is the moment of personal free- dom when we are faced with a reality and see it, explore it and act accordingly. In this reality the bits and pieces of ourselves function as an organic whole. It is the time of discovery, of experiencing, of creative expression. (Spolin, 1963, p. 4)" 

Deeply in contact with your body 

and connected with your present life experiences using your improvisation skills you will be vocally guided in space and time via the music of Alfredo and the vocal skills of Valeria via Narrative Psychotherapy in that place where you are the centre.

Artistic developments, emotions, feelings and ideas are possible.


There you can make new choices.

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