Central to both musician and psychotherapist must be the capacity for engaged, attuned listening; to the form, content and feeling of the material, be it a piece of music or a client's narrative. <<Music expresses, in some way, the movement of the feelings ... that cling to the unconscious processes... music represents the movement, development, and transformation of the motifs of the collective unconscious >> (Jung, 1973, p. 542 in Skar, 2002, p.632).

Valeria Pierdominici
Marek & Valeria 2013 - Italy
Individuation workshop
photo Jack Llewellyn-Karski 2015
Performace workshop
Music&Therapy Performace workshop 2016
Music Dance Psychoanalysis
The Music of the Universe
Individuation workshop Marcos Baggiani
Performance workshop
Improvisation workshop
Music & Therapy 2016
Valeria & Alfredo workshop
Improvisation & therapy workshop
Alfredo & Valeria private practice

Sessions take place at  our studio or your own location.

You will learn and understand more about music, the contact with your own feelings, the body/mind connection with presence and musicality.
Practicing important improvisation skills to live and perform in all contexts.
Children will benefit from increased expression, improving self confidence and resilience whilst learning in a safe and playful environment.
Native English.




  • Music lessons mindfulness/body centred        80

  • Music lessons drums guitar piano                     €40 

  • Music for Mother and Baby                                 €40

  • Improvisation skills                                             40

  • Workshops                                                           €150

  • Clinical Therapy and live Music                         150

  • Guided Visualization with Improvised music   €150

  • Sound sessions - psychoacoustic transitional €150



  • Music improvisation for dance classes: €50 - 1 hour
  • Guided Visualization with live Music for relaxation: €15 p.p.
  • Listening and dance Improvisation: €15 p.p