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Valeria Pierdominici, Alfredo Genovesi, Amsterdam, Improvisation, Therapy, Expat Therapy, English, Jung

Performance anxiety workshop

Valeria Pierdominici Therapy

Alfredo Genovesi Music

 One-to-one Workshop based on the profound psychological insights of C.G. Jung.

Psychotherapeutical support of Valeria Pierdominici - live music of Alfredo Genovesi.


Life is a performance you need to learn. There is your inner world, your private life, and your life in public. Anxiety develops when you do not have experience and training in knowing how to live that performance. Attachment issues, unconscious dynamics could block you.


Improvisation can help you to be in contact with your body, your skills and resolve issues that blocks your potential. How you hold your body, use you voice and control your anxiety can be learnt in a safe artistic environment we provide for you.


Singing, making music, moving, holding your body, take risks and have witnesses. All of this can resonate with your childhood and we work on repairing old pattern to recreate that emotional safety and balance throughout a microcosmos of actions which can be repeated in the macro world by yourself after having performed with us within real and emotionally safe walls.


This work stimulate your journey of individualisation and contribute to the research of who you really are.

Price: 150 Euros

Individuation, as a means of self-actualization, is the process of integrating the conscious with the unconscious. 

Expressing ones creativity, quest for spiritual enlightenment, pursuit of knowledge and the desire to contribute to society are examples of self-actualization. The Individuation process cultivates the true personality of a person, creating a truer Individual. Individuation generally has a profound healing effect on the person. (Jung, 1962, p.433), encouraging one to become harmonious, calm, mature and responsible.

There is a space for the composition and the rehearsal of skills and sounds for improvised performances in an artistic deep context, with the intention to know yourself more, making decisions, find answers by exploring the very borders of your confront zone within the confines of a safe space.


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