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Valeria Pierdominici, Alfredo Genovesi, Amsterdam, Improvisation, Therapy, Expat Therapy, English, Jung

Performing Existential Medicine Workshop 

Group and one-to-one Workshop based existential psychoanalysis.


Art based learning in medical education.

Psychotherapeutical support of Valeria Pierdominici - live music of Alfredo Genovesi.


For psychologists and general physicians, nurses and professionals who are in direct contact with patients who want to explore their feelings within an artistic framework.

An Existential approach to medicine does not strive for a cure of a specific symptom nor to help clients feel happy or better. These things may come as a consequence of a more fundamental aim: bringing about a greater sense of understanding, insight and awareness; shed light on unexplored issues and enable clients to act or think differently.


Movement, text and and music,  take risks, be witnesses and experience the holding of group. Making art and using interdisciplinary techniques to regain confidence in the communication with the patients and their family members in a multicultural environment. 

This work will stimulate your journey of individualisation and contribute to the research of your identity as a doctor. Why you do it and the underlaying ethics.

Working on performance anxiety, regaining confidence in your communication skills and learning how to hold your body in movement in relation to patient caring.


Art and psychoanalysis can help to reconnect and deepen  your profession, supporting you in asking yourself the right questions and explore them within improvisation, music, text and movement. 

Individuation, as a means of self-actualization, is the process of integrating the conscious with the unconscious. 

Our intention is to help you set boundaries, maintain empathy whilst committing to an existential approach to medicine. 

There is a space for the composition and the rehearsal of skills and sounds for improvised performances. The intention, to further ones self knowledge, decisions making. Find answers by exploring the very borders of your comfort zone within the confines of a safe space.


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